Friday, February 23, 2007

Richard Simmons & George Carlin

(In case you're wondering, this is what I imagine Bob Smizik looked like 180 years ago, before he turned into a grumpy old douchebag.)

... Though I'm slow to learn everybody's name (I told you, that's coming this weekend because ... it's NFL COMBINE WEEKEND!), I love the draft. Fans get a chance to feel good about their team no matter how the previous season ended. Seriously, look at how excited some of these nerds were about the Steelers trading up to get Santonio Holmes. And that's a few months after winning the Super Bowl, for cripes sake.

Anyway, I agree with DJ and Eric about "naming names." Yeah, it's fun, and there's certainly nothing wrong with it -- and you look really smart if you're the first kid on your block to identify this year's Marques Colston -- but more times than not we're all just making shit up. Like I said, that's cool, but I think it's important to identify team needs more than identify the handful of college kids that may or may not fit those needs. And in case you're wondering, yes, I'm only writing this because right now, I don't know the difference between Leon Hall and Leon Searcy.

... Foge provides today's "I sometimes forget how funny George Carlin is" line:
George Carlin said the glass isn’t half empty or half full. It’s twice as big as it needs to be.
Which reminded me of one of my favorite Carlin bits -- and this has absolutely nothing to do with anything:

... In other, less ridiculous news, here are a couple of things to think about:
1. JJ Cooper writes that Tomlin didn't exactly get behind Joey Porter and his future with the team. Porter's due a lot of money and probably wants a new deal, but I think the Steelers should keep him through 2007 and then go from there. Which leads me to...

2. Here's something I wrote a few days ago, and went into much more detail for SCI, but it's worth mentioning here. Basically, assuming nothing changes between now and next off-season (sure, it's an unrealistic assumption, but just assume you're reading an econ journal or something) who stays and who goes.

... Two comments from yesterday's thread I wanted to mention:
Cheers again to this site, as a die-hard steeler fan I find this spot instantly informative and constantly updated, thanks. - mattb

I absolutely agree. I already can't remember life without Ryan's articles and this comment section. - J_bd

Now, given that I've been, ahem, a little sporadic in the posting, I figured these were just a couple of sarcastic remarks. And justified, by the way. But then I realized both were sincere which leads me to this: it's the commenters that make this site worth reading, even when the author takes extended vacations to drink beer, watch Battlestar Galactica marathons and sleep.

Actually, I've also been busy with other stuff, and so busy, in fact, that I recently realized that this blog was three years old on February 6. In a way, that's sad, because, well, when I go back and read what I was writing three years ago, it's pretty embarrassing. But it's also cool to think that (a) you won't actually go back and read that stuff, and (b) a group of people can have intelligent discussions about the Steelers (or whatever) on the Internets. Honestly, it's a lot harder than it sounds (try reading 99.9% of the AOL comments). So, to echo mattb and J_bd, thanks for keeping this thing rolling.

... Finally, here's my second college basketball-related note in as many posts. Henigin, enjoy.