Monday, February 05, 2007

Rex Grossman Is in for a Loooong Off-Season

Does anybody remember when the Steelers were thinking about drafting a quarterback with their 2003 first-round pick? And how the team brought in Kyle Boller and Rex Grossman for tryouts?

How many years would a Rex-Grossman-to-Pittsburgh draft set the team back? Five seasons? 50? And if I'm Kyle Boller, I'm calling every radio station that'll take my call and yelling about how Rex Grossman is easily the worst QB of that draft class. I've taken my fair share (and then some) shots and Boller, but I believe he would've at least kept Chicago in the game Sunday night. Of course, Chicago's defense didn't show up either, but Boller could've played safety too. (If that reference is too obscure, I linked to a Ravens message board thread last off-season where readers were speculating if Boller might move to safety once McNair was signed. Classic stuff.)

Also, count me in the minority: I liked the game (even though I had to work) ... and I loved the weather. I don't know if that's because playoff football seems like it should be played in bad weather or because it meant all the fancy pants big wigs would have a miserable time. Whatever, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Okay, enough of that...


... Two questions: Did anybody see this? And what do you make of it?

If Max goes west, well, good luck dude. I'll take the third-round pick and my chances with (insert your favorite first-round RT here), Trai Essex and Willie Colon.

... Hey, somebody finally addresses how the Tribune-Review got Prisutaed by the verb's namesake. And it's not the Tribune-Review. Big surprise, I know. If you're too lazy to click the link, this just about sums it up:
[Duquesne University journalism professor Robert] Bellamy calls the Trib's gaffe "a huge journalistic mistake" -- but says it will hurt the paper more with the Steelers than with the public. Fans remain hungry for Steelers news whether they're playing or not -- and possibly whether the news is accurate or not.

Even so, Bellamy concludes, "Being accurate and responsible is a whole hell of a lot more important than being first."
Imagine that.

... Finally, I found this on the YouTubes and it's pretty freakin' hilarious. See, losing can be fun.