Monday, January 22, 2007

Quickly, Quickly...

... Apparently, ESPN Radio reported this morning that Richard LeBeau is staying in Pittsburgh. Sounds good to me. Also -- and somebody mentioned this on the SCI message board -- LeBeau ran the 4-3 in Cincy, so maybe we shouldn't get our panties in a bunch just yet. (And just ignore the fact that the Bengals had dreadful defense.)

... Like I've said previously, just because you run the 4-3, doesn't mean you can't run the 3-4. It's not either/or (see New England, for example).

... Even if the Steelers switch to the 4-3, Casey Hampton will still dominate, Aaron Smith will probably move inside ... and still dominate, and Troy Polamalu will continue to play strong safety and ... still dominate. Playing Cover-2 doesn't mean you do it on every down. I think Mike Tanier wrote on FO that the Vikings also ran a lot of Cover-1 and Cover-3 based on the down-and-distance. Pittsburgh currently plays a lot of Cover-3 behind all the crazy zone blitz stuff they do.

I'm not worried about it in the least. In fact, I'm kinda psyched.

...Jesse -- I too had a litter buyer's remorse with regards to Whisenhunt, but I'm over it. The Rooney's felt like things had gotten a little stale (I'm speculating), so they mixed it up.

...Finally -- and I think somebody commented on this earlier -- but where the hell is the Prisuta "Steelers Hire Grimm" piece? It's disappeared from the Intertubes. If anybody has the text of the article, let me know, but it's definitely the new No. 1 Captain Pantload Watch. By like infinity. I mean, it makes the "same time next year?" seem like Hemingway.

To quote Jeff Spicoli: "Awesome. Totally awesome."