Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hangin' on by a Fingernail Game Thread

Well, folks, this is it. If the Steelers can't beat the Buccaneers and Bruce Gradkowski then I think it's fair to say they suck. Bad. And while we hope all of Israel's pro-Pittsburgh scenarios play out this Sunday, I'll leave you with the latest in ridiculous AOL FanHouse comments aimed directly at yours truly: (And by the way, I know we were supposed to be pulling for the Ravens on Thursday night but I'll take the Pyrrhic victory on this one. It was worth it.)
(This comment is in response to this Tony Romo post and specifically, this throwaway line I ended with: "Now all Romo needs is for someone to explain to him how to take advantage of the fact that he's an NFL starting quarterback and, you know, start making time with the ladies.")

"NOW ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LEARN HOW TO WRITE ABOUT SPORTS AND LEAVE THE GUYS PERSONAL LIVE ALONE. WAHT A**ES SOME OF YOU PRESS PEOPLE CAN BE. All the "Who is he dating?" Rumors.... Just let the guy play football and quit being a jerk about who he might be seeing, is it really any of your business?"

- Frank in Texas
Priceless. God, I love the internets. By the way, how am I being a jerk? I want the guy to get laid. I should get some kind of prize or something.