Sunday, December 10, 2006

Everybody but the Steelers Game Thread

Okay, here's the ol' Open Game Thread even though the Steelers beat down the Browns on Thursday. (By the way, how awesome is this? Not Porter disparaging homosexuals by referring to them as an overrated Browns tight end -- that was just dumb -- but Winslow coming off as a bigger douchebag than I ever thought imaginable.)

A couple of things while we try and figure out who to root for...
  • Both Jesse and Israel have the Steelers playoff scenarios. Break out the abacus and enjoy;
  • SteelerBill might have the quote of the 2006 season. Seriously, they should put this on the media guide:
    Sorry guy's but rooting for the Steelers to miss the playoffs is the equivalent of telling a girl 'no thanks, I don't want to make out with you because I MIGHT sleep with someone else next year, I'd rather not take my chances'...
  • Hey, I guess Troy Smith won the Heismann. I think Eric asked last week if the Browns could use Smith. Admittedly, I don't watch a lot of college football, but I can't imagine a six-foot quarterback would be of much help to any NFL team. I suspect we'll hear both sides of this story from now until April.
  • Oh, yeah, Willie Parker sucks. Okay, not really. Actually, not even close. But apparently Mark Madden's has been on an anti-FWP kick this week. I really can't believe this guy keeps getting fired for sucking at his job. Just don't get it.
  • J.J. Cooper suggests that Mark Whipple might be the next Boston College coach. Hmm. If this happens, it's certainly not good for the Steelers, but depending on what happens with Cowher, Pittsburgh always seems to find guys nobody's ever heard of and four years later they're labeled a genius.
  • Alright, enough with the small talk, I'm hoping for a crushing Ravens loss and who knows, with the Raiders demoting the bed and breakfast guy, maybe they can turn their season around in Cincy...