Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To the Comments ...

Before I get to some of the comments from the Browns game, I feel obligated to point out this email I got from the ol' Alumni Association:
Attention Alumni:

Carnegie Mellon Tartans football is having an incredible season! Not only did the Tartans complete their first undefeated season in 16 years, last weekend they won the first round of the NCAA D-III playoffs by shutting out Millsaps College 21-0!

Next, Carnegie Mellon takes on Wesley College in the second round on Wesley's home turf and we need your help. Please join fellow alumni at a great post-Thanksgiving matchup this weekend as the Tartans take on the #3 seed Wolverines in Dover, Delaware!
If this doesn't get the Steelers sufficiently pumped up for the next six weeks then the season's already lost. Or maybe it means that engineering nerds can compete on the football field and in the classroom. Especially against those douchebags from Millsaps College. Whatever. Here's to the Tartans kicking ass against the mighty Wesley College Wolverines.

Okey doke, to the comments:
"First...say what you want about BigBen - could we please find someone that wants to catch a football??

Second, did you see Nate Washington give up running down the field after the pick? What is wrong with this team????"

- Steeler Bill
I've heard a lot about Nate half-assing it after the pick but becuase I had to listen to the game on the radio, I didn't actually see it. Kinda following up on yesterday's MSM-related diatribe, I really like the Steelers' radio guys, Tunch Ilkin and Bill Hillgrove, but nothing beats watching the game.
"When Sean Morey is your most dangerous threat then ... well, that's how you get down 10 points to Cleveland."

- Me
And more Morey:
"ryan, i expect more morey love after that kickoff return. especially when you factor in the steelers lousy kick units.

hell, i think the steelers should bench parker in goal to go situations and insert morey. they need someone who can pound out the tough yards."

- Eric
Seriously, good for Sean Morey. After watching "Rudy" for the 4,000th time last night, I'm convinced that Morey is the NFL's version of Rudy Ruettiger. So not only does Sean get to dress for the big game with his family in attendance, he's now the team's best kick returner. Man, dreams do come true.
"Ben's passer rating is back up to 14.7."

- Israel
This is a lot funnier knowing that the Steelers won.
"Bill, ability is not the issue. It's execution. (Cowher needs to execute someone.)"

My vote is for Kevin Spencer. I've said before that I'm sure he's not the entire reason the special teams blow, but it'll set an example for the rest of the team.
"As soon as I get my NFL field pass 7 day trial working, I hear a kickoff return for a td.

I think I'll go back to watching the Saints game."

- Trevin Shirley
To be fair, no matter when you turn on a Steelers' game, there's a better than even chance that somebody will be running a kick/punt back for a touchdown.
"When you lose to the Raiders and the Browns in the same season, it's official, we are the worst team in the league. Arizona may have a worse record, but we have the worst team."

- Fan trapped in Delaware
I was basically thinking the same thing at halftime, but if it's any consolation, the Cardinals are still the worst special teams unit in the league. How that's possible given Pittsburgh's issues is beyond my comprehension.
"Too many rules anymore....I'm glad we finally got a horse collar call, but let them play football...

Now we should kick it out of bounds..."

- SteelerBill
I've long since given up trying to figure out what's a penalty and what isn't, but I read somewhere (maybe Eddie B.) that kicking the ball out of bounds was actually discussed. How ridiculous is it that a professional football team is so inept at one phase of the game that they're willing to give their opponent the ball at the 40-yard line. That's, well, embarrassing.
"Pgher in CA - Did your Field Pass go silent, or is it something on my end?"

- Israel
I had this problem but the Cleveland feed came in just fine. The most amazing thing about listening to the final two minutes from the Browns radio guys was the "we fully expect to implode and nothing would surprise us at this point" resignation in their voices. And sure enough, the Browns imploded, right on cue.
"Alright, we're slightly better than Arizona."

- Fan trapped in Delaware
Again, the special teams is the difference.
"Watched the last minute here is Assachusetts. I was frothing at the mouth waiting to bash the secondary for their failure on that last drive. Guess I'll have to wait til next week."

- Tim
It's a start. By the end of the season Tim will be on the Ike bandwagon with the rest of us. Don't fight it.

And now, the Jeff Reed segment of our programming ...
"I've got to believe that our special teams now ranks at #32 in the league. Jeff Reed can't kick off with any depth, and we can't cover regardless. Not only was Cribbs untouched on that return, no one was ever even close to him. And we shouldn't have to set the opponent up on that last drive with the squib kick (rather kick deep but keep a couple guys back), but with this sorry coverage team I can't blame Cowher for that decision. But in general just willingly letting the opponent start their drives at their own 40 on kickoffs is unacceptable."

- GlennW
And then there's this:
"Just going out on a limb here, but does anyone else get the impression Jeff Reed maybe, uh, PARTIES a little?"

- Joey Porter's Pit Bulls
And this, this and this. I've always liked Reed, probably because he's a UNC guy. And after a great 2004 and 2005 season, I'm glad the guy's reaping some of the benefits of being semi-famous. Seriously, other than being the DJ at a strip club, there's no other profession that would allow this dude the opportunity to make time with the ladies. Like I say all the time, if Tiger Woods was selling tires, there's no way he'd be married to a Swedish model. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Alrighty people, enjoy your Thanksgiving and I'll catch you on the flip side. (That's hip talk for Sunday.)