Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey, Look at This Shiny Thing!

A little something to distract you from the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers.
Aaron Gray had 12 points and 15 rebounds in limited playing time and Pittsburgh, picked by coaches as the preseason favorite in the Big East Conference, beat Carnegie Mellon 103-45 in an exhibition game Wednesday night.

None of Pitt's starters played more than 19 minutes after the Panthers opened a 21-2 lead against Carnegie Mellon, a Division III school located in the same Oakland section of Pittsburgh as Pitt.
Who, exactly, thought this would be a good idea?

When I was at CMU from 2000-2003, the basketball team was littered with engineering students. I'm pretty sure the Tartans are possibly the only team in the nation to make such a claim. (Does MIT have a basketball team?) How can a bunch of electrical and chemical engineering nerds be expected to do anything other than lose 103-45?

Come on fellas, do the math.