Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Braylon Edwards Is Not Very Smart

Yeah, I bet Romeo Crennel is really happy about this:
"We're coming after their (butts)... This is not a situation where they say the past is the past. No. The hell with that. We're coming after their (butt). You don't beat somebody 41-0 at their own house. We're coming for the Steelers. Point-blank, period."
Two things: First, what happens if the Akron Beacon Journal actually prints "ass" in the paper? I'm just curious because putting "butt" in parentheticals just draws attention to it. And then, when you think about Edwards actually saying something like, "We're coming after their butts!!" it's even more ridiculous.

Second, Edwards didn't even play in last year's 41-0 ass-beating. He was at home with a boo boo on his knee. This is almost as bad as Kellen Winslow telling Chad Johnson that Leigh Bodden was going to shut him down when the Browns and Bengals played earlier this season. Way to hang your teammate out to dry, Kellen.


... I know the secondary looked awful against the Saints but I think it's worth noting that the Steelers were without Townsend and Polamalu for much of the game. And that's on top of losing Colclough (who, I think, was put on the IR in Week 4 because of "embarrassment"). When you've got two rookies -- one an undrafted free agent -- on the field, you can expect bad things to happen.

Anthony Madison got absolutely torched on a second-half pump-and-go and much of the torching was his own doing. In trying to cover Marques Colston, Madison bit on the pump and when he tried to recover, he tripped over himself. Yeah, he won't be putting that on the highlight tape. I hope.

... And I know Ike was in coverage on the first touchdown, and later a big downfield play to running back Aaron Stecker, but he had great coverage in both. That said, Taylor shouldn't be beated downfield by any running back.

... Cowher has his press conference today, so I'm sure we'll learn a whole bunch of stuff that probably won't be operative by Sunday. Maybe he'll bench Willie Parker this week.