Friday, August 25, 2006


Alrighty, consider this an open thread for talking about tonight's game if your life (like mine) is that sad and pathetic. Also, come Monday things will change around here a little bit (or maybe a lot, we'll see). Short story: AOL is starting a big blog thingy, and I'll be posting Steelers-related stuff there daily (and maybe two or three times a day). The upside? I get paid and the posts will be more frequent than they have been here this summer. The downside? Well, you're probably in a much better position than me to answer that question.

So starting Monday (I think), I'll have a link to my 'page' on AOL and we can see how this thing works. You'll still be able to leave comments and hopefully things will pick up right where they left off here. If you find anything particularly annoying, painful, or simiarly cumbersome, just send me an email. Honestly, I have no idea how long this venture will last, but as long as they're offering to pay me to write about football -- and it's free for readers -- I figure I might as well jump on the gravy train while it's still moving.