Monday, February 13, 2006

Dos Cosas

OK, I'm working on another little project, so just a couple of things:

First, B. Minich is stealing my material (I would link to the comment, but Haloscan is not working at the moment, so I can't). OK, not really. Here's what he wrote last week:
"Oh, and how about this for the ultimate CPW. Lets go through the list:

1. From the Trib.
2. Very wrong.
3. Written after the draft that occured after the 6 win season. Records after that season: 15-1, AFC Championship Game. 11-5, Super Bowl Champs.

And that's list enough, methinks. It includes this howler:

"Roethlisberger, from Miami (Ohio) and second-round pick Ricardo Colclough, from Tusculum College, are upside guys who won't have much of an immediate impact provided they make any at all as rookies."

You'd expect more from No. 11 overall.

Then again, the Steelers should have expected more than they got from Troy Polamalu at No. 16 overall a season ago."

I had written about that dopey Prisuta column back when it was originally published in the days following the draft (by the way, I found my comments at the time, as always, particularly insightful). Anyway, I was rummaging around looking for something and came across said Prisuta piece (and even CPWed it) and I was all set to dredge it up, but I had planned to do it after the Super Bowl. I didn't want to jinx anything before the fact, and bear sole responsibility for the Seahawks winning their first ever title (thank god the refs were with the Steelers on that one!). Whatever the case, the good news is that B. Minich posted the link in all its splendor, and we all get a good chuckle at Prisuta's expense (I can see Prisuta now, waving his fist in the air and screaming, "Damn those internets! Damn those internets all to hell!"). Welcome to the CPW wall of shame, Mr. Prisusta, and as always, nice work.

Tomorrow I hope to get back into the Steelers free agency swing of things.

Second, and those of you only interested in the Steelers can stop reading now, the Tar Heels won a big road game last night in Miami. Every game it seems like another freshman not named Tyler Hansbrough steps up and has a big game. This time it was Marcus Ginyard. After Reyshawn Terry got into some foul trouble in the second half, Ginyard came in, got some big offensive rebounds and putbacks, and after a slow start, played some solid defense.

And when I say "after a slow start," I'm not kidding. Guillermo Diaz might be the best player in college basketball nobody really knows. He's been playing organized basketball for five years and in my mind, is the best streetball player in the country. This dude has perfected the fall away three pointer, and even though he's not that big, he can get to the rim in a hurry. Ginyard was introduced to Mr. Diaz early in the second half to the tune of a fall away three pointer in his eye. After that, Ginyard settled down and had maybe his best game of the year.

Also have a great game was Bobby Frasor. After passing up shots for most of the season, Frasor started taking -- and making -- some last night. And even though he's not a freshman, Quentin Thomas continues to get better while making fewer and fewer mistakes. Someone needs to break him of the habit of throwing Byron Sanders the ball every time down court, but otherwise, the guy's getting better. This teams improves every game, and that's a big deal when you're playing four freshmen. Good stuff. And oh yeah, J.J. Redick sucks.