Thursday, January 26, 2006

Always Bet On ... White

Remember back in the fall how I was all excited about this UNC team being more fun to watch because there was less pressure for them to do as well as, say, last year's team? The 2005-06 iteration lost five starters, and the top seven scorers from last season. Now, the blue hair on the team is David Noel, and Carolina regularly has three freshmen in the lineup at any given time. Anyway, forget what I said back in early December.

Wednesday night, UNC faced Boston College, and basically got their asses handed to them. Part of it had to do with the Tar Heels giving up what seemed like 80 points in the paint -- usually culminating in a dunk of some sort. The other reason they got man-handled was because, well, BC's entire frontcourt looked like Half Man, Half Amazing (which is to say, they all looked to be at least 37-years-old).

But this is part of the deal when you have a lot of young guys on the court. Sometimes they play well, and sometimes they play, well, like they're 18 and just out of high school. If there's a silver lining, however, it has to be Wes Miller cracking the starting lineup. Honestly, on the list of Things Not Likely to Happen ... Ever, Wes Miller starting a basketball game at UNC that's not the Blue-White game, is near the top. At tip-off, I saw #22 at center court and I automatically figured it was Senior Day. Then I remembered Miller is a junior. I could only concluded that his induction to the HSS No-Name Wall of Fame must've had something to do with it. OK, that's not much of a silver lining.

OK, it looks like I can't go very long without talking about the Steelers, so here are a couple of quick things I came across that didn't involve Jerome Bettis (did you know he grew up in Detroit?).

Yeah, yeah, the Steelers are wearing white come Super Bowl Sunday and Cowher claims it's because they're not playing in Heinz Field (even though they're the designated home team, and they wore black during the 1996 Super Bowl), but I like DJAnyReason's explanation better:
As a Steeler fan, I wish they were wearing black, but I think I’ll defer to the eternal wisdom of Crash Davis on this one:
"If you believe you’re playing well because you’re getting laid, or because you’re not getting laid, or because you wear women’s underwear, then you ARE!"
And who knows, with Joey Porter quoting "Dumb & Dumber" lines to Troy on the sidelines, he may have brought this up too.

Here's an email I got from my buddy Desmond the other day:
"I think you need to include pictures of Andy on the site. Andy in a Steelers uni. Andy in Steelers boxers. It would really add credibility to your website, and might just enable you to make that leap to the big time."
To which I responded:
"One step ahead of you (this is Andy last weekend)."
A couple of things. First, that's not really my buddy Andy. Second, if you're reading this and this is you, or somebody you know, I'M JUST KIDDING. IT'S A JOKE. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. Any dude who has his son take a photo of him shirtless, while flexing, who's not preparing for Mr. Universe, and then sends said photo to the newspaper for publication, probably has no qualms about beating the crap out of wise-ass nerds who show disrespect Rodney Harrison style.

Let the Tyrone Carter Lovefest continue. El Jefe sends along this email:
"Thought I'd add to the Tyrone legend by blatantly plagiarizing a well-known website..."
Any time you can get Carter and Chuck Norris in the same sentence, you're probably doing something right.