Saturday, December 24, 2005

Prognosis Negative

Arrrrrrggggggh! I'm currently with the in-laws for the holiday and I'm going to miss the Steelers - Browns game today. Plan A was to go so some seedy Upstate New York strip club/bar, but we're also heading to church at 4pm. Which means that it's probably in my best interest to not show up at a house of worship smelling of beer, smoke and strippers. Plan B is to listen to the game on the internets. And since eschewing church for a football game woulda confirmed my one-way ticket to Hell, I figure me listening to the game at my in-laws' house, and then probably missing the ending to PTL, should earn me (and by association, the Steelers) a few points with the big guy. So Plan B it is.

Anyway, since I can't actually see what's going on, please be extra vigilant in leaving comments. It's in your hands now.