Thursday, December 22, 2005

Last Minute Shopping

OK, I'm in full holiday season mode (also known as "Operation Shutdown" if you're Derek Lee), which means that I got nothing for today, but will be back tomorrow to cover a bunch of stuff that probably nobody will read because in all likelihood, they won't be trying to kill time at work. (They'll be killing time at home ... while trying not to kill their relatives. Or maybe that's just me.) Still, I want to talk about the free-agents 2006 discussion from yesterday (even though I didn't plan on bringing this up until after the season), the Pro Bowl, Anakin Skywalker Johnny Damon joining the Evil Empire (mental note: I don't care much for Larry Luchinno, who I think coined the "Evil Empire" thing, so I may boycott the phrase and come up with something even wittier!), and UNC's little bump in the road.