Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Random Stuff

This is probably only interesting to me, but I'm going to write about it anyway -- it'll give you the opportunity to be able to answer "yes" to the question, "So, did you learn anything today?" should you happen to get it.

The Steelers cut Charlie Batch last Saturday before the Tennessee game because veterans who are on the opening day roster have their contracts guaranteed for the entire season. Often teams cut fringe players and re-sign them a day or two after the first game to avoid having to pay out the whole contracts (when they're re-signed, the contracts are pro-rated, apparently). Anyway, Pittsburgh re-signed Batch Monday, and this was the plan all along. But instead of sending linebacker Andre Frazier back to the practice squad to make room for Batch, the Steelers instead decided to release Nate Washington, the rookie wide receiver who beat out Fred Gibson for the last spot on the 53-man roster a couple of weeks ago.

I can't say this is really a surprise -- especially when you consider that Pittsburgh was a little thin at the linebacker position -- but I was pulling for Washington to do well in whatever playing time he could scare up. With the addition of Quincy Morgan, however, it's pretty obvious that having a rookie, free agent, third string receiver, from a Division II school, who doesn't play special teams, isn't a very high priority for this team. Still, I hope he lands on the practice squad and has a chance to contribute at some point in the future.

As is usually the case, my buddy Desmond has an ingeniously clever suggestion [/sarcasm]:
...I think you need to make up a nickname for the Steelers secondary if they are so damn good. Purple People Eaters is already taken. As is Killer B's. And Steel Curtain. How about the Steel Blanket??
I'm not crazy about the Steel Blankets, although I don't have anything better at the moment. But that doesn't mean I haven't already thought up some nicknames for some of the players (and yes, this is a by-product of having way -- way, way -- too much time on my hands):
Joey Porter: Squeaky
Have you ever heard that guy in the huddle yelling crazy stuff? I think I only catch half the stuff he says while my dog is rolling around on the floor uncontrollably. Hmmm, I wonder if there's a connection?

James Harrison: Crazy
Apparently, Harrison is the scariest person on the team. I guess I could call him Scary, but I think Crazy fits better.

Jerome Bettis: Rerun (a.k.a. Freddy Stubbs)
OK, I don't really call Jerome this, but it's fun to think about him doing the Rerun dance with the red beret and suspenders.
I think that's enough silliness for one day. Maybe I'll post some of my other gems tomorrow.

Yesterday I was whining about how the Red Sox couldn't beat the Blue Jays and they somehow pulled out a win in the 11th on a Papi Ortiz homer. Well, Tuesday night was back to reality as Toronto beat Boston for the ninth time in 14 games. Honestly, I would prefer the Red Sox announce that they're forfeiting all games with the Blue Jays for the foreseeable future. It would save me the agony of having to watch guys like Corey Koskie (.236), Greg Zaun (.261) and Gabe Gross (.264) all go 4-4 with 10 RBI a piece when they can't even get hit by a pitch on purpose against other teams. And yes, I have no right to complain about the Red Sox since they're, um, in first place, and maybe more importantly, they won the World Series last year. But hey, it's either this or CPW stuff. Which reminds me ...

Thanks to Rene for the lastest CPW heads-up (her his comments are in blue):
CPW Watch entry; The Tribune-Review editor was asleep again...Fourth paragraph studder:
"The Steelers limited Titans quarterback Steve McNair, a former league co-MVP, to seven points, to seven points, and forced four turnovers. Still, the unit is not satisfied."
Also, towards the end, strange comment:
"The Steelers are taking into account what they'll need to change if their defense in time for Sunday's game at Houston."
Here's the thing. Rene left her his comment at the ungodly hour of 2:51 am Tuesday morning, shortly after the Tribune-Review posted the story on their website. I didn't get around to writing this up until 9:00 pm Tuesday night. And guess what -- the grammatical mistakes were still there. This is the kind of quality you come to expect from this outfit. Maybe nobody informed these guys that unlike the newspapers you buy on the street corner, online content can actually be corrected after it's published. If I had to guess, the same guy who serves as editor for all these craptacular articles, also is responsible for the publishing. Solid work.