Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two Things

... First, here's what Keith Foulke told reporters the other day about returning as the closer in a few weeks:
"I'm not going to assume that at all. Go in and ask Terry what he says. I follow orders. I do what I'm told, that's it. If I pitched like [expletive] and Curt's done a good job, I don't know." When reporters persisted, he said, ''My pay is the same either way. I want to go out there and help my team win, period. I don't care if I have to sit in here and shine shoes. I used that line in Chicago, so it's not the first time that one's come out. Whatever they feel my best role is, that's what I'll do. I might be a starter. You never know." He said no one has broached the subject of starting with him. Asked whether he felt he was on or ahead of schedule, he said, ''I don't have a schedule. I have no schedule. No time frame. I work hard every day. I do what I can do. We'll see tomorrow. I'll play that role until you see my name on that [lineup] card. That's when you'll know." Is he itching to get back? ''I'm sitting around bored," he said. ''The couch has a big dent in it. Yeah, I'm tired of it."
Despite having a horrendous first half of the season, I like Foulke. Especially when he gives the media the business because he apparently really doesn't like talking to them. And I still think the whole "Johnny Burger King" comment was pretty funny. Honestly, how often does Johnny at Burger King ever get a mention, good or bad?

... And here's some news that's sure to surprise:
Mark Bellhorn has gone 0 for 8 with four strikeouts in two games for Pawtucket.
That sounds about right.