Saturday, June 11, 2005


Here's a really good article from the New York Times (free registration) about Marvin Williams. Apparently, there's some chance he'll be the first overall pick in a few weeks, despite the fact that some people are talking up Andrew Bogut and his 9-foot frame.

After watching Marvin play last season, it's actually amazing he didn't come out after high school. Even though he didn't start, he was easily the best freshman in the country and he turned out to be a really important part of UNC's championship team. I guess Roy Williams thought as much, because here's what he said about him:
"I've said this time and again, If I could coach a team of all Marvin Williams," he said recently, "and if you gave me enough food to eat, I'd coach for free and be the happiest person in the world. I've never had a more talented, more humble, more disciplined player."
As a Heels fan, you'd love to see Marvin stay around for another year or two, but the more you learn about the guy, the more you want him to succeed. And if that means he only spends a year in Chapel Hill, then so be it, because it was definitely worth watching.