Monday, May 23, 2005

One More Thing...

I meant to mention this last week, but I was too busy fighting the Battle for Middle-Earth (among other things). Anyway, a few weeks ago I was giving Brian Roberts the business because (a) he plays for the Orioles, (b) he's an overachiever who's having a phenomenal year, and (c) he plays for the Orioles. That rant led to Jim leaving this comment:
Don't knock Roberts's workout habits. You gonna knock Clemens's workout program, or maybe Nolan Ryan's? Maybe he could stay small like Bucky Dent?
I wasn't so much knocking Roberts' workout habits as I was just knocking Roberts. But that's not the point. Last week I was reading the Raleigh News & Observer and came across an article about Roberts, who played his first two years of college at UNC before transferring to USC (South Carolina, not Southern Cal).

And while that's not particularly riveting stuff, the fact that he had heart surgery when he was five is. And that he seems like a good guy makes it even harder to hate him (I still hope the O's stink, though). Furthermore, if I'm to keep my unofficial streak of pulling for former UNC guys (a list that includes Joe Forte), then I'll have to lighten up on Roberts I suppose.

So there, I'm flip-flopping on Roberts. Good luck to the guy unless he's playing the Sox.

Speaking of Carolina, there were several articles last week talking about the recruiting showdown between UNC and Duke basketball. By all indications, 2005-06 will be a tough time in Chapel Hill primarily because four guys left early. But hey, the Heels won the national championship, so it'll make things just a bit easier to take (until J.J. Redick busts out for 40 points; then the national championship talk will go out the window). Anyway, Roy Williams has already started the rebuilding process with the class of 2006. It looks like they'll get the best PG in the country, and their a finalist for the top SG, SF, & PF too. Of course a lot could change between now, a senior season of high school basketball, and the NBA draft, but it's certainly better than knowing Adam Boone and Brian Morrison are the incoming freshmen. From the story, here's a list of current UNC/Duke recruits for 2006:
Player           Ht Pos Rank College
Tywon Lawson 6-0 PG 7 UNC
Jon Scheyer 6-5 SG 8 Duke
Brian Zoubek 7-1 C 17 Duke
Gerald Henderson 6-5 SF 21 Duke
William Graves 6-6 SF 88 UNC
Finally, someone left this comment concerning helmet-gate as it relates to Ben Roethlisberger and motorcycles.
Another solution to the Big Ben helmet problem might be a PermaHelmet, like that worn by incoming Duke recruit Josh McRoberts.

That way Ben would never have to remember to put on the protective gear.
That's too funny. And probably a good idea.