Thursday, September 30, 2004

Random UNC stuff

Another recruit?
The Tarheels are looking to add to the four recruits already signed for the 2005-06 season. Next on the list is Richard Hendrix, a 6'8" power forward from Alabama projected as one of the top five players in the country. There's one problem though -- Hendrix is still undecided between UNC and Alabama. Alabama? Other than hometown loyalties, I can't imagine anyone choosing the Crimson Tide over the Tarheels -- especially now that Wimp Sanderson's no longer sporting the plaid sports coat on the bench.

Anyway, Hendrix would be a godsend to the Tarheels primarily because: "...he boasts two qualities that separate him from the entire Class of 2005; his shot-blocking ability and his outlet passing skills." As a sophomore, Hendrix blocked 168 shots and followed that up with over 200 blocks as a junior (he averaged more than six a game).

There are reports that Hendrix really wants to play for Carolina but is getting pressured by his family to stay instate. Hmmm.

Sean May update
Former Jayhawks Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich were in Chapel Hill last week and got a chance to play some pickup games with current UNC players. Apparently Sean May has made some big strides since last season and Ray Felton impressed both former Kansas players.

What Roy does in his spare time
Here's an interesting story about all that goes into recruiting high school players -- especially when things are so much more competitive than they were five or ten years ago.

"This is the new reality of college basketball.

Coaches at the highest level are now forced to "over-recruit" in order to make sure they will have a full signing class at the end of the day.

Carolina has no choice but to recruit heavily during this critical recruiting period, as the team already knows it is losing three seniors after the upcoming season.

That number will increase if Raymond Felton heads to the NBA next spring as expected, and a large class is exactly what North Carolina needs to begin heading back in the direction of those deep, talented benches that were a staple under Dean Smith.
There's also some discussion about the actual chances that the Heels land both Hendrix and Andrew Bynum for 2005.

Good stuff.