Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Page 2 -- It’s All About the QBs

In a new column, ESPN's Page 2 takes a look at how every QB faired in last week's games. What's particularly interesting is that starting this week, Aaron Schatz, the guy who started Football Outsiders (where I also do some daily blogging) is now rating the QB's for Page 2 using a stat he created called PAR. Anyway, what's really cool is that one of my snarky QB comments was used in describing Jeff Garcia's abysmal performance against the Cowboys (to be fair, my actual snide remark was, "It's hard to find anything redeeming in a line that reads: 8/27, 71 YDS O TD 3 INTs, but Jeff Garcia can take solace in the fact that T.O. probably won't berate him in the post-game press conference," but hey, it's close enough for government work). Good stuff.