Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mental note: check sources before publishing

This is too much. I found this over at the 'burghsportsguys and it's pretty funny. Apparently, the beat writers for the Dolphins either (a) know something that the rest of don't, or (b) didn't check up on their sources before writing a story.

I'll reprint it here, just in case they take down the link (or maybe they're right, but I haven't heard anything about it). It concerns how the Dolphins are still not crazy about the idea of starting RB Travis Minor as the market for RBs continues to get smaller because of injuries:

Fewer RBs on market for Fins
by Jason Cole & Armando Salguero

As the Dolphins continued to struggle with the idea of starting Travis Minor at running back, the market for potential replacements got decidedly smaller.

On Friday, Denver lost backup running back Mike Anderson for at least a few weeks to a pulled groin. Anderson is expected to have further tests today to determine if the injury is a pull or a tear.

But the injury effectively takes two runners off the market. Aside from Anderson, Denver may now keep veteran backup Garrison Hearst. Pittsburgh lost Verron Haynes for at least six weeks with a knee injury, depleting its group of runners.
Huh? Say what? When did Haynes get hurt? Do you mean the same Verron Haynes that broke his leg his rookie season and also had some knee trouble last season? That's all well and good, but the only problem is that Haynes isn't hurt. And unless it's some elaborate coverup by the Steelers in an effort to keep five running backs on the roster, it just isn't true.

Nice work Jason Cole and Armando Salguero (you might recognize Salguero's name because he occasionally does some football segments for ESPN. And unless he has some amazing sources, he just crapped the bed on this one). Try making a phone call for verification before you re-write a 12-month old story.