Friday, August 06, 2004

Let it go

Enough already. Enough talk about Nomar being a cry-baby, selfish, me-first guy who seemingly did everything in his power to ensure, under no circumstances, that he was back in Boston in 2005. The impetus for this little mini-rant is the latest story coming out of Boston, courtesy of The Boston Globe via Bob Lobel. Apparently Nomar didn't hurt his achilles in batting practice during spring training (he claims he was hit in the tendon by a phantom Red Sock), but instead injured his foot prior to the season starting while playing soccer. Now, after being collectively jilted, rumors are coming out of the woodwork (as reported in the Globe):

As it turns out, the episode may not have happened (Nomar being hit in BP). Two sources familiar with Garciaparra's case said yesterday that Garciaparra told a different story to club officials, but the team never contradicted the shortstop's story, even though club officials were aware it wasn't accurate. One source said he was told Garciaparra was injured before spring training.
Here's the thing. Who cares? Who cares if Nomar was hurt during BP, playing soccer or "washing his truck?" It doesn't matter. Would anyone be any less pissed at Nomar right now if they new in March that he twisted his ankle after being nutmegged by his wife?

Garciaparra's agent, Arn Tellem, called the assertion "absolutely, positively [expletive]. Totally, unequivocally, positively false."

..."Why Garciaparra would shield the exact nature of his injury is unknown. One possible explanation is that his value on the free agent market could be diminished if he suffered from a chronic case of Achilles' tendinitis rather than from an injury from a specific trauma. Another possibility was that he wanted to avoid additional questions about the rigorous training program for elite athletes in which he participates each winter at the Athletes' Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz."
And here's what Nomar had to say:

Garciaparra, in Colorado with the Cubs to play the Rockies, repeated his denials there to Chicago reporters.

"I have heard a lot of stuff," he told reporters. "Earlier in the year, I heard I was faking it. I was like, `Yeah, I want to sit out for a month in a year when I'm a free agent.' That makes a lot of sense."

For the first time, Garciaparra also addressed the reason he remained seated on the bench during the Sox' 13-inning loss to the Yankees July 1, the one he sat out after telling trainers he could not play because the tendon was sore.

"My teammates told me to go sit down in a specific spot so we can go score some runs," he said. "Then I heard I'm unhappy there and I wanted out. I was like, `Man, if I wanted out, why did my wife and I buy a new home [in Boston] in the offseason?' I don't know where it comes from."
I consider myself a pretty big Sox fan, but even I've had my fill of all the whining, complaing and excuse-making Boston (primarily the media) is doing now that Nomar is gone. For some reason, no one in the media ever voiced their displeasure with how Nomar went about doing his job during his tenure in Boston. But now that he's gone, open up the floodgates and let him have it! Make sure everyone gets their parting shots -- before its too late!

Please, everyone let it go. Nomar is gone and he's not coming back. And you know what, I hope he did hurt himself playing soccer. Because it doesn't matter. It's not going to change the fact that Grady left Pedro in one batter too long. It's not going to bring back the gopher ball Wakefield gave up to Boone. It ain't even going to make Millar a better fielder. All it's going to do is solidify in most fans minds who don't live in New York or Boston that Red Sox fans are loud-mouthed whiners who at the first sign of trouble jump off the bandwagon and start throwing rocks at the caravan.

Let it go. Please.