Wednesday, August 18, 2004

K2 is K2razy

Sorry for the title, but I couldn't think of a witty way to describe super-nut Kellen Winslow. I can't write quickly enough to keep up with all the dopey things this guy does. During the preseason game against the Titans he tried to lay a block on rookie defensive tackle Randy Starks and got laid out -- and that turned out to be the highlight of K2's week.

Yesterday, Winslow laid out a teammate during a drill even though tackling isn't permitted during practice. And then things got weird. He asked defensive coordinator Dave Campo if he could take some snaps as a pass rusher. I don't care what his reasons are for taking snaps with the defense, because no rationale could prove, well rational. This guy is a bozo and he'll probably prove to be a bigger problem than T.O. ever was in San Francisco -- I think.