Sunday, August 01, 2004

Jon Stewart on Red Sox fans

I was watching the Daily Show last week and here was some of Jon Stewart's commentary from Boston, site of the 2004 Democratic convention:

"...The Democrats have been here for three days, is there message getting through? What is the feeling of the people on the streets of Boston? As far as I can tell, the word on the street in Boston thus far is this:

'Yankees suck.'

Uh, this is all I've heard. I don't know if they're responding to talking points, but apparently there is also a belief beneath that that A-Rod is 'wicked quee-ah.'

Now I don't know if this is from the Party itself, but that seems to be the message getting through."
Interesting. Red Sox fans breaking out in "Yankees Suck" chants even when (a) the Red Sox aren't playing the Yankees, or (b) there's not even a baseball game taking place.

That sounds about right.