Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I agree

This is one of the funniest newspaper pieces I've read in a long time. Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun describes in great detail his distaste for the Washingotn Redskins:

THERE IS A Chrysler sitting in front of my house that has a Washington Redskins license-plate frame, but don't be fooled. My name may be on the registration certificate, but it's not my car and it's not my team.
Given the choice between having a son who's a Daniel Snyder apologist and having my teenage daughter run off with a carny, I'd give the girl a bag of quarters and tell her not to come home without a goldfish.

That's why tonight's Hall of Fame exhibition game against the Denver Broncos is so important - because the Redskins can't lose every game this year if they don't lose the first one.

The sooner the 'Skins are out of contention, the sooner I can stop acting like I'm paying attention while my kid drones on and on about the Mark Brunell/Patrick Ramsey quarterback controversy or Sean Taylor's lousy contract or how Clinton Portis is just as good as Jamal Lewis.

It isn't just a selfish thing. I'm also thinking about the impact that a winning Redskins team might have on the rest of mankind. If a Dan Snyder-owned team has a great season or Snyder (gasp!) ever wins a Super Bowl ring, it could spark a worldwide arrogance shortage.

The kid really is a Redskins fanatic. During an admissions interview with a representative of Pepperdine University a couple of years ago, he was asked to name the most inspirational person in his life.

His answer: Marty Schottenheimer.

This is not a joke. (I'm including a joke in the next item so you'll be able to tell the difference.) It's a true story.

Needless to say, the boy did not end up going to college in Southern California.
I agree.