Sunday, August 15, 2004

A backhanded compliment or just a backhand?

When people visit this site, I'm able to see where they were referred from, and through the wonders of modern technology, I stumbled across what I think is the first review of this weblog. And to call it lukewarm would be like calling Ted Washington a little overweight. Anyway, here's the review (try to keep the laughter to a minimum):

"...I've also added a few sports blogs: you might notice "Sabernomics," which is an infrequently-updated but often-insightful baseball blog by an economist who's also a Braves fan. "Heels, Sox, and Steelers" is of a lower quality... but two out of three ain't bad, and he makes up for what he lacks in analysis with enthusiasm, frequency of posting, and attention to detail."
Um, well, I guess I'll take it -- but grudgingly though. I think my favorite phrase is "Heels Sox & Steelers is of lower quality..." To be fair, I (and things I'm associated with) have been called much worse -- and on the bright side I apparently make up for what I lack in intelligence with enthusiasm (think Corky) and I'm so adept with the computer, I'm able to post frequently. Which reminds me, I think I remember Aaron Gleeman, who is known for his loquacious posts, saying Will Carroll described him thusly:

Gleeman is prolific, yes, but a factory that churns out lots of crap is still a crap factory.
So I guess the good news is I wasn't called a crap factory. Either way, I think I'll put my first review on the right sidebar for posterity. All-in-all I think it's pretty funny.