Thursday, July 08, 2004

Return of the Frullet

You know the frullet -- half afro, half mullet. Anyway, frullet enemy #1, Pedro Martinez had a strong showing last night as the Red Sox thumped the A's for the second night in a row. Just a couple of comments:

*Only Manny, after hitting a moon shot over the Monster, would hug Millar in the on-deck circle and then proceed to high-five the fans on the way back to the dugout.

*Apparently Jeff Brantley is a lot more tolerable when the Red Sox win.

*Speaking of more tolerable, maybe Millar is a better first baseman than Ortiz (and he even got a few RBI the last two games).

*It'll be interesting to see if D.Lowe can win another game the rest of the season. He seems like he's a mess mentally right now (and for good reason).

*Finally, I just wanted to have a post that incorporated the word "frullet." [note: Pedro's hairdo sets a record of sorts -- it might be the only afro in the league that actually covers the wearer's ears]