Thursday, July 08, 2004


Did the Lakers ask every coach in the ACC if he was interested in replacing Phil Jackson? Apparently, after Duke's Mike Krzyzewski's turned down the job, Roy Williams got a call from the Lakers front office about the coaching vacancy.

"I told them that I was quite happy at Carolina and was not interested in the job," Williams said.

Steve Kirschner, associate athletics director for communications at North Carolina, said Tuesday Williams had a general conversation with the Lakers a couple of weeks ago.

"It never got to the point of any back-and-forth conversation because he told them flat-out at the beginning that he was going to stay at Carolina," Kirschner said.
It was hard enough trying to imagine Coach K telling Shaquille O'Neal what to do (and him doing it), but it's alomst impossible to fathom Roy Williams doing the same -- especially since Rashad McCants was more than a handful for him last season. Either way, I'm glad he didn't think twice about staying in Chapel Hill.