Sunday, June 27, 2004

Understatement of the year

In yesterday's circus-like, four error performance against the Phillies (the Red Sox lost 9-2), pitcher Bronson Arroyo made the following observation on a play that led to Johnny Damon's first of two errors on the day (Damon was trying to throw a runner out at third):
"I know Johnny doesn't have the strongest arm, but the ball was hit pretty hard and he was coming hard to get it, so I thought he'd take a shot at the plate. When I turned around, I saw he was throwing to third."
Needless to say, Damon's throw ricocheted off the runner leading to an unearned run.

Maybe more importantly, for Arroyo to say that Damon doesn't have 'the strongest arm' is like saying that Millar is a 'good fielding first baseman/right fielder.'