Monday, June 14, 2004

Jerks who should be locked up in military prisons

This is probably the same guy who cuts you off in traffic, throws trash out of his car window and thinks it's funny to knock groceries out of little old ladies' hands. From today's Washington Post:
The Cardinals led the Rangers 12-0 in the third inning of their 13-2 victory yesterday in Arlington, Tex., when a foul ball hit into the stands by Gary Matthews Jr. got more attention than anything on the field.

In the ensuing scramble, a husky man jumped over a row of seats and pinned a 4-year-old boy against the seats with his legs while diving to get the ball. To no avail, fans started chanting "Give him the ball! Give him the ball!"

But the boy ended up with much more than one ball. In the next few minutes, both teams sent bats and balls to the boy, including Cardinals OF Reggie Sanders coming out between innings to do so.

"In my heart, I thought I should do something," said Sanders, who initially saw the incident on the clubhouse TV. "It's all about the kids."

There was also a little extra for the man who got the ball, but he left two innings later and never received the Cardinals T-shirt on which "Tough Guy" and "Ball Stealer" was written by reliever Steve Kline.

"I'm a big fan of giving kids balls. He was a real jerk about it," Kline said. "That's part of life, people like that in the world. They do something like that. I don't understand"...