Sunday, May 02, 2004

We'll know Monday
The Charlotte Observer is reporting that UNC recruit J.R. Smith will hold a press conference on Monday to reveal his plans over the next few months -- whether he'll go to UNC or make himself eligible for the draft. I ain't the smartest guy in the world, but when was the last time someone organized a large-scale press conference to say, "Instead of becoming a millionaire several times over, I've decided to go to school for at least a year or two."

By my count that's never happened. Can you imagine a 20-year old Tiger Woods holding a press conference and saying, "Well, I guess, hello Stanford for at least one more year!" (In case you're not as big a nerd as me, Tiger actually said, "well, I guess, hello world")

Of course I think it's a bad decision for a 6'6" guard with a questionable handle to learn the game on the end of an NBA bench, but no one ever offered me a few million dollars not to go to college. Either way, we'll know something tomorrow, but I have my suspicions.