Monday, May 10, 2004

This could decide the AFC North
The Steelers just got one step closer to being re-crowned division champs when EA Sports put the Ravens Ray Lewis on the cover of Madden 2005.

The problem if you're a Ravens fan is that the last three players to grace the cover of Madden were injured the following season. USA Today reports:
*Madden 2002 star Daunte Culpepper, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, suffered a knee injury, and his team ended up with a losing season.

*Madden 2003 cover figure Marshall Faulk, the star running back of the St. Louis Rams, went on to a sub-par season.

*Madden 2004, featured Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who broke his leg in the preseason and missed most of the regular season.
Ray Lewis is unfazed, and promises to break the curse. As a Steelers fan I will take any edge I can get.

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