Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Madden on Guerrero
Mark Madden has an article in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette that I can't disagree with (and trust me, it wasn't from lack of trying). He's right on with a couple of observations concerning Lisa Guerrero and her stint on Monday Night Football:
*She only lasted one year. Dennis Miller was too smart for 99 percent of America. Eric Dickerson was the human incarnation of Mushmouth from the Cosby Gang. Both should have come with subtitles, but for very different reasons. Yet each got two years on "Monday Night Football." ABC ran Guerrero off after one. Guerrero thus has to be considered the show's biggest liability ever.

*She couldn't last in a totally unnecessary job. When was the last time a sideline reporter broke news or provided true insight? It just doesn't happen. A sideline reporter's primary job is to not mangle things. Guerrero couldn't even manage that.

*Guerrero got fired Monday, and was replaced by the eminently qualified Michele Tafoya. Tafoya has 80 percent of Guerrero's looks, but 10 times her ability. Those are percentages I can live with.
I don't think Guerrero's incompetence was news to anyone, but it makes you wonder why it's so hard to get a stiff on the sidelines that can not only read cue cards, but can form sentences without sounding like they're learning a new language. This won't be a problem for Tafoya, who's professional, smart and actually knows sports. Melissa Starks was good (especially given her competition), but Tafoya will be the first person in a very long time who may actually add something insightful the next time Al Michaels says, "let's go down to the field for a report from Michelle..."