Friday, May 21, 2004

J.R. Smith signs with an agent

It's official. J.R. Smith has signed with an agent and the only way he'll be in Chapel Hill is if he's working the basketball camps.

Smith has decided to earn his basketball education on the end of an NBA bench instead of playing in college -- which is certainly his perogative, but I hope he didn't have some self-interested hanger-on filling his head full of grandiose thoughts, convincing him that he's the next coming of Kobe Bryant and that college would be a waste of his time (and money).

This quote is understandable when you consider it's coming from an 18-year old, but still kind of troubling nonetheless:
"I think I'm ready. I've really elevated my game to a higher level," Smith told after working out for the Lakers, Nuggets, Jazz and Clippers on Thursday. "The (high school) All-Star games convinced me that I have what it takes to play in the NBA. I got great feedback from the NBA (draft) committee. I was told I could go anywhere (from) No. 1 to No. 16."
A couple of thoughts. First, Smith's not going no. 1. If he does, whoever selects him should be forever banished to the NDBL. I'm also not sure that a high school all-star game is the best measure of a players readiness for the NBA. But I've made that and other arguments for staying in school here, here and here.

Hey, but at least I'm not bitter! Actually, I do hope he does well and turns out more like Kobe Bryant (on the court) than Joe Forte.