Friday, April 16, 2004

Steelers to draft a cornerback
Or so thinks the Post Gazette's Ed Bouchette. He reasons that since the Steelers have had six CBs in town over the last three days (19 players have visited in total), they'll probably take one of them in the first round. I hope he's right, but it could very easily be the case that the Steelers are still primed to take Rivers in the first round and take one of the six CBs in the second. Of course it has also been rumored (or at least sugggested) that the Chargers (who are apparently in love with Rivers) should trade down, stock up some draft picks and pick up Rivers. I'm all for anything that precludes the Steelers from having to make a bad decision -- especially in the first round.

It's amazing how big a deal the draft becomes when your team stinks -- the last two drafts weren't noteworthy if for no other reason than the Steelers didn't have a lot of holes to fill (or at least it seemed that way at the time). For Bengals (at least up until this season) and Chargers fans this may be more exciting than the actual season -- at least you can feign hope in April that your team will actually be good come September. Anyway, I digress -- and I hope Bouchette is right.

Oh yeah, CB Dunta Robinson, of South Carolina and Ricardo Colclough of Tusculum, a Division II school, were the two CBs in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Jerry DiPaola also writes today that the Steelers are looking for depth on the defensive line. And while NT Casey Hampton is one of the best in the NFL, there is a need (although not an immediate one) for backups up front. DiPaola takes a look at some of the draft prospects and who might be of interest to the Steelers.