Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The pre, pre-negotiations begin...sort of
This is from today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette:
"The Steelers told Burress' agent that they will wait until minicamp ends before they decide whether to enter into negotiations to extend any of their players contracts. Burress is signed through 2004 and would become an unrestricted free agent after that. "We'll all find out what they want to do, whether they want me here or not," Burress said. "I think the situation I'm in speaks volumes about me and says a lot about them, so we'll find out. I'll just go out and play and play hard. Whether I'm here or not, that's up to them." Said agent Eugene Mato, "It's really in Pittsburgh's hands; Plax wants to retire a Steeler.""
I'd be surprised if the Steelers didn't make a real effort to keep Plax. They want to make the Roethlisberger transisition as smooth as possible, and being able to see the receivers you are throwing to is a start (nothing against Hines and Antwaan, but stack them longways and they're still shorter than Plax) -- of course, Burress has to show up for every game. And given this is his contract year, he might just do it.