Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Millar over Manny?
Just a quick thought about the Red Sox. I know the idea is to bring in players like Gabe Kapler late in the game to account for any defensive deficiencies, but why would Francona take out Manny instead of Kevin Millar? Manny by all accounts is from outerspace, but he's certainly a better outfielder (in fact, I think he's underrated) than Millar -- especially given the fact the Millar spent much of last year at first base.

Well, Millar didn't disappoint. On the very first play of the eighth inning in yesterday's 4-1 win over the Orioles, a ball was hit to right-center and there was a collision between Johnny 'Passion' Damon and said first basemen -- and Millar was at fault (but he did make the catch -- and as the Orioles radio guys pointed out, 'even if Millar is hurt, all the Red Sox care about is that he made the play!'). Nice.