Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mel Kiper's draft dilemma
Bryan Curtis wrote an interesting story in 2001 (from Slate.com) about how Mel Kiper has been marginalized as the draft guy the last few years because of things like the web and the all-you-can-watch football cable packages. Now any yahoo can watch a million games from the comfort of his couch and post the same mock draft / team needs stuff on his site that Kiper charges people to read (I found the link to this story from Draftsteel.com).

Kiper made his name by beating the bushes, going to all the senior bowl games, talking to a lot of people and generally out-hustling everybody else. Now, he's competing with Joe Fan simply due to technological advances that allow you never to have to leave your home (except for ice cream and beer). Funny stuff.