Thursday, April 08, 2004

JamesOn will be moving on reports that Roy Williams met with JamesOn Curry and his family this week and will be revoking UNC's scholarship offer. Curry was one of the best shooting guards in the country and was the all-time leading scorer in North Carolina high school history. He pleaded guilty on Monday to felony drug charges following an drug sweep at his high school.

Here's what Roy Williams had to say:
"This has been a very difficult time for JamesOn and his family and also for our basketball program...He is a nice young man, but one who made some very serious mistakes. We felt we needed to let the legal process take place over the last few months and now it has.

...During this time we have been in close and constant contact with our admissions office and the University administration. All parties have agreed that it is best for us to withdraw our scholarship and release JamesOn at this time. We hope JamesOn will be successful with continuing his education and his basketball."
Interestingly, UNC is now at their scholarship limit with the dismissal of Curry and Tony Hutchens thinks that UNC is done recruiting for now (Tony also has updates on 2005 recruiting news).

Perhaps of more immediate concern is whether All-American high schoolers J.R. Smith and Marvin Williams will choose Chapel Hill over the NBA.